All the functions you need
Now in your smartdevice

All the functions you need now in your smartdevice

H30Evolution is a field strength meter that combines the best features of a portable and compact equipment - distinctive of the H30 series - with revolutionary functionalities. Thanks to the innovative multiscreen system based on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth,the meter may be remotely displayed and controlled using any Android or iOS device or a PC, thus providing the flexibility and convenience of a wireless system.

Multiscreen and remote control

Controllable from any Android or iOS device or a PC with H30Suite

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Wireless access to the meter

Services and IPTV Analyzer (*)

IPTV and RF services information

HEVC display (*)

on your mobile device

(*) Optional feature


Multiscreen and remote control

Controllable from any Android or iOS device or a PC with H30Suite

The H30Evolution multiscreen system allows you to display the meter’s screen on your smartphone or tablet to wirelessly control the meter or just for the sake of working with a larger screen.
The installer may wirelessly access the equipment at any time from anywhere in the installation (depending on the local network connection range), with the convenience of always using his/her own device.
Simply install the H30Suite App (ref. 100016) on your device and connect it to the Wi-Fi network generated by the meter (AP mode).

Multi Standard

Fully configurable equipment to meet your needs

H30Evolution is fully prepared to meet the specific needs of each individual user. It is a multi-standard equipment, ready to take measurements on the satellite band, but also on the terrestrial band channels. In order to meet the changing needs of individual users, the equipment allows them to easily add new options, with no need to send the meter back to the factory.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Wireless access to the meter

Equipped with 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the equipment allows a secure access through an Android or iOS device, or a PC. The web management application H30Suite (ref. 100016) may be used to check and export stored measurements, access to quality profiles, meter settings cloning, meter registration through a friendlier interface or real-time consultation of the user manual.

Ready to Capture

signal from any satellite

H30Evolution allows you to configure the parameters required for the reception of your satellite signal. To do this, H30Evolution allows pre-amplifier powering, and configuration of both DiSEqC and SCR parameters.

Interactive User Interface

Optimize the learning curve

Scrolling through the menu is now very easy, thanks to its single-level structure, which includes all the functions in a very intuitive way: better utility, higher operation speed, and maximum productivity. No function requires more than three successive button pushes to achieve the desired operation. You will not find any easier-to-use device, and will be able to surf the different functions with no need for a user manual.

Comprehensive Functionality

Pass/Fail indicators

A full range of functionalities such as Single-channel measurements, Constellation diagram, Spectrum analyser, Service identification, Data logs, Channel plan auto-learning, and more.

Accuracy and Speed

Real-time digital processing

Designed to instantly obtain all the information about the signal in real time, it is a true milestone in field work. H30Evolution provides the required accuracy and speed to detect minor transient radiation, or spurious signals that could affect the system during signal reception.

100% Automatic

Signal detection

Fully automatic, it detects the parameters of different modulations with no need for configuration. H30Evolution will detect at once whether the input signal is analogue or digital, and will determine its constellation, symbol rate and other modulation parameters, providing an instant reading without any user intervention.

Rugged and Light-Weigh

Absolute reliability

Its exclusive casing made of double-injection rubber and polycarbonate plastic guarantees protection and durability. Weighing only one pound, H30Evolution is convenient to carry and use. You can slip it in your pocket or use its strap around your shoulder… You will barely notice it is there!

Made in Televes

Your Quality Warranty

The H30Evolution is entirely designed by Gsertel, company within Televes Corporation, where our team of experienced and highly qualified telecommunication engineers managed to integrate digital processing in a handheld unit of 1lb of weight. Each H30Evolution includes more than 5,000 components and integrated circuits.

Services and IPTV Analyzer (*)

IPTV and RF services information

Allows the demodulation and analysis of IPTV streams (both Unicast and Multicast), not only through video display but also by displaying the total bitrate and bitrate for each service. The relevant information for each service is already given: SID, VPID, AID, video profile, bit rate for both audio and video.
In addition, this option completes the RF measurements since all this information by service is analysed as well for this type of signals.
For IPTV signals, specific protocol measurements (UDP/RTP) are also analysed, such as UDP format, Media Loss Rate, Lost IP frames.
(*) Optional feature: Ref. 593251

Wi-Fi Analyser (*)

All bands (2.4 and 5 GHz)

This functionality allows a full analysis of the Wi-Fi band for the automatic detection of all the networks. Each of them is identified by name, and the power of the signal at the access point is also displayed. Two display modes are provided for the user to choose. The “list” mode provides a list of the detected networks with the associated data and power, while the “map” mode represents them on a dual-axis map: power vs. frequency.
(*) Optional feature: Ref. 593250

Pass/Fail Indicators

Easy decision-making

Reduce installation mistakes with the on-screen Pass/Fail indicators, a graphical tool that helps and speeds up the interpretation of measurement results. Different thresholds are available depending on the network area to be analysed: headend, multi-band amplifiers, bridging connection, connection records, user home, etc. Besides the pre-set values, you will be able to customize your own threshold values.

Channel Information

The less the better

Sometimes, taking a quick glance at one channel is all you need. The advanced H30Evolution single-channel measurement option automatically detects the channel type, displaying the audio and video levels, A/V and C/N for analogue signals, and power, C/N, and appropriate quality measures for each type of digital signal. All these measures are taken by means of one single button; at that point, all indicators will be activated and display the “Pass/Fail” condition based on the thresholds specified by the user. Easy-to-interpret results, even for junior technicians.

System Scan

Monitored installation

Scan each existing analogue and digital channel in real time to determine the overall system frequency response. This function leverages the location-based thresholds to clearly show whether the signal levels meet the cable systems’ specifications with green, yellow and red bars. This feature provides an easy-to-understand, real-time view of the system, including the BER and MER values of the selected channel.

Spectrum Analyser

From 5MHz to "full span“

H30Evolution spectrum analyser provides a value range of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 MHz and Full, as well as a reference level auto-adjust feature. Real-time processing speeds ensure the capture of any signal incidents. You will be surprised by the accuracy and the level of detail provided by this ultra-portable pocket spectrum analyser. The ultimate tool for identifying and localising noise, interference, radiation, and any other signals that may be affecting the quality of the television signal distribution service.

Guided satellite pointing

LNB self-configuration

This functionality speeds up the dish pointing work. The meter has a typical satellite and a stable transponder according to the regional zone previouly set, and it is self-configurated for the LNB connection. In addition, a sound indicator can be activated in order to audibly guide the user in the satellite dish pointing.
The reference satellite can be manually changed and start a new pointing.

Wideband LNB compatible

From 250 to 2300 MHz

This functionality for DVB-S/S2 allows the complete analysis of a satellite channel in any frequency within the 250 MHz to 2300 MHz range. Thus, the meter can be directly connected to any output of a LNB Wideband (2 outputs: Vertical and Horizontal)


MPEG video and detailed information

Do you wish to know the contents offered on a DIGITAL channel? H30Evolution function MPEG will tell you. In addition to channel services display, you will get their key parameters: Service name, PID, resolution, audio types and figures, and NIT. A valuable help when troubleshooting your encoder configuration.

HEVC display (*)

on your mobile device

This functionality supports HEVC H.265 new compression format and allows to display on your mobile device video signals with a maximum Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). Displaying is always on the smartphone, tablet or PC (multiscreen mode) as long as your hardware is H.265 compatible.
(*) Optional function: Ref. 593252

Constellation Diagram

Fine-tune your digitals

Constellation analysis is essential for determining the quality of digital signals. Constellation diagrams help detecting noise, jitter, interference and signal saturation, and all the variables that could impact signal quality, eventually leading to service suspension. By visually inspecting the size and shape of the dots in the constellation matrix, the technician will be able to easily identify the nature of the problem

Capture Plan

Custom channel plans

Identify the channels in your distribution with the ultra-fast Capture Plan function, and from there build your own channel plan containing only the channels you are interested in. Furthermore, each channel will be displayed on a bar chart with the appropriate colour based on the selected quality threshold.


Optimal signal reception

In terms of terrestial signal reception, controlling the absence of any echoes that could jeopardize reception is crucial. H30Evolution displays the echoes of the received signal, allowing the installer to minimize them for optimal signal reception.


Save and download

While you are taking measurements or looking for possible problems, you can save sample signal parameters for further in-depth analysis or just for record and use in your reports. It can also prove to be a useful tool for training purposes.

Always updated

Automatic detection of new software versions

The meter automatically detects if there is a new software version when it connects to the internet (WiFi, Ethernet). To notify that new software is available, an icon in the upper right part is activated without interrupting the user’s work. The system update can be accessed on the settings menu.

If the meter is not connected to the internet, it can also be updated using a PC (USB port) where the software version was previously downloaded.


Mechanical Specifications
Screen 2.8” TFT 400 x 240 full color
Weight 510 g.
Dimensions 175x100x52 mm / 6,9x3,9x2 (HxWxD)
AC Adaptor Input: 100-240V~ 50-60Hz Output: 12VDC, 2A
Battery Li-ion (7,2VDC, 2300mAh)
Baterry range >4hours without LNB powering
Interfaces Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz / 5GHz, Ethernet 1Gb
USB 2.0 for Data log download and software upgrades
Storage capacity 400 MB (internal) for measurements
Resilience It withstands drops from 1 m (3.2 ft) onto concrete on all sides
Impedance F-type connector - 75 Ohm


Technical Specifications
593503 593501 593502 593504 593505
Range Terrestrial: 50 - 880 MHz / Satellite: 950 - 2400 MHz / Wideband: 250 - 2350 MHz
Resolution 125 kHz
Tunning Frecuency or channel
Spectrum analyser
Span 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 MHz y Full
Scale 5 and 10 dB/div
Reference level (automatic and manual)
DVB-S digital measurements [Modulation: QPSK]
Power From 45 to 110 dBμV
CBER 9.9E-2 – 1.0E-6
VBER 1.0E-4 – 1.0E-8
MER Up to 20dB
C/N Automatic
SCR EN 50494
dCSS EN 50607 Upgrade 593234**
DVB-S2 digital measurements [Modulations: QPSK, 8PSK]
Power From 45toa 110 dBμV
Link Margin Up to 10 dB
MER Up to 20 dB
LDPCBER* 9.9E-2 – 1.0E-6
BCHBER* 9.9E-2 – 1.0E-8
SCR EN 50494
dCSS EN 50607 Upgrade 593234**
DVB-T digital measurements [Modulations: COFDM (QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM)]
Image Upgrade 593231
Power From 45 to 110 dBμV Upgrade 593231
From 45 to 120 dBμV Upgrade 593231 + 593235** ✓ | Upgrade 593235** ✓ | Upgrade593235** ✓ | Upgrade593235** ✓ | Upgrade593235**
CBER 9.9E-2 – 1.0E-6 Upgrade 593231
VBER 1.0E-3 – 1.0E-8
MER Up to 35 dB
C/N Automatic
DVB-T2 digital measurements [Modulations: COFDM ( QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM and 256 QAM)]
Image Upgrade 593231 + 593232 Upgrade 593232
Power From 45 to 110 dBμV Upgrade 593231 + 593232 Upgrade 593232
From 45 to 120 dBμV Upgrade 593231 + 593232 +  593235** Upgrade 593232 + Upgrade 593235** Upgrade 593235** Upgrade 593235**  Upgrade 593235**
LDPCBER* 9.9E-2 – 1.0E-6 Upgrade 593231 + 593232 Upgrade 593232
BCHBER* 1.0E-3 – 1.0E-8
Link Margin Up to 30 dB
MER Up to 35 dB
C/N Automatic
DVB-C digital measurements [Modulations: 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM, 128QAM and 256 QAM]
Image Upgrade 593233 Upgrade 593233
Power From 45 to 110 dBμV Upgrade 593233 Upgrade 593233
From 45 to 120 dBμV Upgrade 593235** Upgrade 593233 + 593235** Upgrade 593233 + 593235 Upgrade 593235** Upgrade 593235**
CBER 1.E-2 – 1.0E-8 Upgrade 593233 Upgrade 593233
MER Up to 38
C/N Automatic
Analogue measurements
Level 25 y 125 dBμV
Measurements and functions
Analyser WiFi Upgrade 593250 Upgrade 593250 Upgrade 593250 Upgrade 593250
Analyser IPTV Upgrade 593251 Upgrade 593251 Upgrade 593251 Upgrade 593251
Terrestrial plans CCIR, CCIR + LTE, OIRT, KBW, FCC, DAB, SIM
Units dBμV, dBmV, dBm
LNB powering 13, 18 Vdc
LNB tone 22 kHz

LDPCBER is the BER measurement before LDPC correction.
BCHBER is the BER measurement after LDPC corrector and before BCH correction.

** Ref. 593234 & 593235: Free upgrade when registering the equipment.


Meter from H30 series: How to choose the most convenient model?

The H30 series consists of different customizable multistandard meters, all of them designed to carry out installation, maintenance and monitoring of telecommunications networks. Each model stands out for offering new functionalities, while preserving all the advantages of the previous model.
Through the following comparative table, it is possible to choose the most suitable meter model for each professional:

Multi-standard customizable   OK OK OK
Frequency range Return P.: 5-50 MHz X X OK
Terrestrial: 50-880 MHz OK OK OK
Satellite: 250-2400 MHz OK (up to 2200MHz) OK OK
Screen   2.8” TFT 400 x 240 full color 2.8” TFT 400 x 240 full color 2.8” TFT 400 x 240 full color
Multi-screen with touch control on mobile device   X OK OK
Smartphone armband   X OK OK
2,4 / 5GHz WiFi connectivity   X OK OK
WiFi analyzator   X OK(*) OK(*)
Bluetooth connectivity   X OK OK
Ethernet interface   OK OK OK
USB interface   USB (A-type) USB (A-type) USB (A-type)
Optical measures   X X OK
Guided satellite pointing   X OK OK
IPTV analyzator   X OK(*) OK(*)
LNB Wideband compatible   X OK OK
HEVC displaying on the meter X X OK(*)
on the mobile device X OK(*) OK(*)
Terrestrial input level to 120dBμV   OK(**) OK(**) OK(**)
dCSS compatible   OK(**) OK(**) OK(**)
Management interface access (datalogs, channel plan...)   Cable Ethernet Wireless (WiFi/Bluetooth) Ethernet cable Wireless (WiFi/Bluetooth) Ethernet cable
Dimensions   175x100x52 mm 175x100x52 mm 175x100x52 mm
Weight   510 g. 510 g. 550 g.
Color   Black & White Black & Grey Light & dark grey

* According to reference
** Free activation of the options with the meter registration